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  • Buju
      Buju is the BBeans Universal Java Utility, a multi-threaded, multi-user server which enables non-Java applications to execute Java code through a secure socket.

  • Viz
      Viz is a customer research tool which runs in a browser, making it ideal for:
      • Customer self-service over the internet
      • Remote sales force support

      Viz comes in 2 flavors: VizCRM and VizWeb

      VizCRM is intended to be embedded in a compatible CRM product such as GoldMine or SugarCRM and has been tested on: GoldMine 8 and SugarCRM 5.

      A software product hosting VizCRM must:
      • Support launching a Viz-compatible internal or external browser window
      • Support dynamic URL data injection, mainly for customer and user identifiers.

      VizCRM is typically hosted on the same intranet or VPN, as the CRM product, and often the same server. The back-office database must be accessible to Viz via the network. VizCRM relies on the CRM to supply 2 key services: Security and Customer look-up.

      VizWeb is a stand-alone application intended to work over the internet. It supplies configurable security and look-up services. The server portion is hosted on the same intranet or VPN as the back-office database, and often the same server. The client portion is hosted on any web server accessible to the internet. The web-accessible web server can be on a shared hosting service (your ISP) or it can be on the same server as the server portion of Viz, so long as that server is accessible via the internet.

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