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Server Released

Free, Open Source

Buju, the BBeans Universal Java Utility beta release, is now downloadable. Buju enables non-Java applications to execute Java code through a secure socket.

Buju Server Deployment:
Buju Server Deployment

Using the popular BeanShell Java interpreter, Buju safely extends Java to any programming environment that supports sockets. Buju can be installed as a Windows Service or as a Linux/Unix daemon.

Features: Buju is a multi-threaded, multi-user server which supports multiple private and shared Java interpreters, interpreter locking, namespace 'push' and 'pop', easily modified administration scripts and more.

Uses: Buju can be used to access Java PDF, RTF and HTML libraries, MS Excel and Word libraries, charting libraries, e-mail libraries, web services and more.

Its free, freely distributable, and open source, so you can start using it today. Download now!

BPrep Preprocessor Coming Soon

BPrep -- a free Java-based, open source program preprocessor -- extends traditional preprocessor capabilities such as #include and #define with regular expressions, line tags, and section tag handling.

Using section tags, you can override or extend-and-include marked sections of your #include files. With line tag definitions, you can handle line numbers in your source code. And with Java regular expressions, you can do much more than simple search-and-replace #define operations.

Release date is soon, so check back often.

Launches New Site

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The BBeans.biz website launch marks the beginning of a hopefully long involvement in the Java and Java-related software community. In particular, BBeans.biz is dedicated to using Java to enable legacy and non-Java software environments to extend their capabilities. We hope the site serves you well. Thanks for dropping by.

Because it is brand new, the site is likely to go through a shake-out period. Please bear with us as we fix broken links, misspelled words, and bad explanations. You can help by pointing out the flaws you find. Please contact us with your suggestions. -BBeans.biz

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